Port Canaveral's Tenant Support Program

Becoming a Tenant at Port Canaveral

Opening a facility at centrally located Port Canaveral is a good business decision that many other companies have made before you. We strongly believe that locating here can help boost your success, as well as be a pleasurable experience for you and your employees.

Your first steps in becoming a tenant are to obtain a lease from the Canaveral Port Authority (CPA) and then ready your building for occupancy. To help you get through this process as smoothly as possible, here is an outline of the procedures you will need to follow.

(Note: If you are subleasing space from a Port Canaveral tenant, you will need prior approval from Port Canaveral)  You will deal directly with your landlord on preparing and occupying your space. If you need an Occupational Certificate for Brevard County, contact the Port's Real Estate Department.

1. Apply in writing to the Real Estate Department to be considered for a new lease. With your submitted application, you will need to include a check to the CPA for a standard fee that covers the processing expenses of preparing your lease.
2. If your application is favorably reviewed by the Port Director/Chief Executive Officer, it will be placed on the agenda of a regular meeting of the CPA Board of Commissioners, subject to The Canaveral Harbor District Port Charter, Article II, Section 2. We encourage you to appear in person at the Commission meeting during which your lease application will be considered.
3. Once your lease is approved a fully executed and  recorded original will be mailed to the address of record.
4. If you plan to build or alter any facility on the lease property, visit our pages on building or improving your facility.Note: A right of refusal in favor of the Canaveral Port Authority will be included in all new or modified leases.

Occupancy Registration – Who, What and How 

As a Port tenant, you are responsible for registering your business and all businesses that sublease from you with the Real Estate Department. This helps us ensure that all businesses located at the Port receive the same benefits and responsibilities for keeping the Port a safe, attractive and profitable place to do business.
All new businesses should be registered within 30 days prior to the start of their operation.
CLICK HERE for the Occupancy Registration Form (ORF). Along with this form, for each sub-lessee please also include a copy of their lease and brief description of business activities. If you have no sub-lessees, note this on your form. An Occupancy Registration Form is still required for your own business. There is no cost for registering or for your certificate.

When a new ORF is submitted, Port Authority personnel do an on-site inspection of the leased premises. Then an Occupancy Registration Certificate is issued and mailed to you. Please distribute certificates to your sub-lessees. Each registered business must display its own certificate in a prominent location. As the Tenant, you will also need to keep a master file of all sub-lessee's ORCs in a central location. (Periodic inspections are made to ensure that ORCs are displayed and allowing a sub-lessee to operate without an ORC on display is a lease violation.)

Suspension or Revocation. If any holder of an ORC or sub-tenant violates the lease agreement between the Canaveral Port Authority and the Port Tenant, the ORC or sub-lease may be suspended or revoked.