Our cruise partners at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line teamed up with The Wall Street Journal to produce this fascinating video on how we dock the world's largest cruise ship, the Wonder of the Seas, at Port Canaveral.

Watch the video below:

Port Canaveral voted Best U.S. Cruise Homeport for the third consecutive year in a row from CruiseHive's Annual Cruise Ship Awards

a large ship docked at a port

The Cruise Hive Cruise Ship Awards are an annual event recognizing the best in the industry, as voted on by Cruise Hive readers. One of the most closely contested categories is Best Homeport, which recognizes the top ports that serve as the starting point for cruise vacations. 

This year, Port Canaveral came out on top, earning 24% of the votes and taking the first-place spot. It is the third year in a row that Port Canaveral has taken the top spot, followed closely by Miami and Fort Lauderdale. 

“We’re thrilled to have earned this valued distinction three years in a row,” stated Capt. John Murray, Port Canaveral CEO. “What an honor for us and our cruise partners to be so well recognized for providing a high quality guest experience. It’s tremendous gratitude of our efforts from the millions of cruise guests sailing from Port Canaveral year after year.”

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2023 Port Map - Cruise

2023 Cruise Port Canaveral Aerial Detail

Cruise Terminal Locations 

   (North Side) - Exit 54A

•  ​ Cruise Terminal #5 - 9245 Charles Rowland Dr.
• ​  Cruise Terminal #6 - 9241 Charles Rowland Dr.
• ​  Cruise Terminal #8 - 9155 Charles Rowland Dr.
• ​ ​ Cruise Terminal #10 - 9005 Charles Rowland Dr.

  (South Side) - Exit 54B

• ​ ​ Cruise Terminal #1 - 9050 Discovery Rd.
• ​ ​ Cruise Terminal #2 - 180 Christopher Columbus Dr.
• ​ ​ Cruise Terminal #3 - 220 Christopher Columbus Dr.


2024 Port Canaveral Cruise Fast Facts

2023 Cruise Fast Facts.jpg

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It’s Time to Come to Port Canaveral

Today, Port Canaveral is ranked as the world’s busiest cruise port in multi-day embarkations. We’ve been in the top for years, but this isn’t yesterday’s Port Canaveral and now we’re aiming to stay at the top. Tomorrow’s Port Canaveral – a product of vision, tremendous effort and many man-hours – already is an in-demand port-of-call, a popular vacation destination in its own.

We invite you to be front and center and join us as we welcome the world to cruising’s future and to its number one port of innovation.. Bring us your best; you’ll find we’re ready to provide the perfect home. 

The right facility, the right ship, the right match.

Aerial of Cruise Terminal 1

Sustainable Growth

Today, we have a homeported fleet that typically sails above 100 percent capacity, both because our predominantly family market typically results in more passengers per stateroom and because we know how to respond to our market’s needs and wants with:

• ​ ​ A relaxed beachside atmosphere
• ​ ​ No-stress arrivals and departures
• ​ ​ Close-to-the-ship parking
• ​ ​ Beautiful modern facilities
• ​ ​ A range of vacation options
• ​ ​ A cruise-focused staff to support your operations

On Track for World Leadership

Port Canaveral is now ranked as the #1 busiest multi-day cruise embarkation port in the world.
Aerial of Cruise Terminal 5 and 6
According to cruise consultants Bermello Ajamil & Partners, industry growth based on the ships, now under construction, will create a need for 10 additional terminals in Florida, and Port Canaveral is the only port with a real opportunity to service that demand. We have the necessary deep water channel, convenient access to drive-in and fly-in markets and, most of all, we are the only established cruise port in Florida with space for significant expansion.

In addition to having the space for growth, we have the financial strength to invest in our future. This is a Port with a strong, stable balance sheet that is not reliant upon government funding. We have in operation our newest Cruise Terminal's; Cruise Terminal 3, Cruise Terminal 1 and Cruise Terminal 6. Recently we have completed our renovations to Cruise Terminals 5, 8, and 10. 


A Proven Market - Port Canaveral/Orlando

• ​ ​ Closest port to Orlando and Central Florida theme parks and attractions.
• ​ ​ Major tourist draw: Consistently ranked among America’s most popular vacation destinations. 
• ​ ​ Tourism industry growth with an estimated $5 billion in capital investment improvements and additions across Orlando’s tourism industry. 
• ​ ​ Orlando is the fifth fastest growing metro area in the United States, according to the U.S. Census
• ​ ​ Orlando International Airport is Florida's largest domestic airport.