Current Port Condition: OPEN - CONDITION FOUR

Aerial Safety Assessment Post Tropical Storm Nicole 2022

Effective 9:30am Tuesday, November 15, 2022 the Captain of the Port has set seasonal Port Condition Four for Port Canaveral. The port is open with NO RESTRICTIONS.

Cruise ship operations have resumed. Please check with your cruise line for scheduling.

For additional information on status of Jetty Park and the boat ramps at Rodney Ketcham Park and Freddie Patrick Park, please check the Port’s website at or on Twitter or Facebook.


Canaveral Lock is back in full operation with no width restrictions.


2022 Hurricane Season Preparedness

2022 Annual Heavy Weather Meeting at Port Canaveral

Download Tenant Heavy Weather Guide Here (PDF)

Hurricane season begins June 1st and  lasts through November 30th.  Now is the time for you and your family to review your plans and supplies to ensure you are prepared in the event of a storm.
The Brevard County Emergency Operations Center has provided the following resources to help everyone get ready for this hurricane season:

Step 1: Make a Plan (  – Take a moment to think how these events may affect your community and your family.  Important items in your plan should include: taking current pictures of your house, storing important documents together for quick access, building an evacuation kit, knowing your evacuation route and time of departure, having a list of important numbers, and sharing your plans with friends and family.

Step 2: Build a Kit  (  –  An emergency supply kit is essential to being prepared and is an important item for hurricane season. Do not wait until the last minute to build your kit.

Step 3: Stay Informed  ( information and staying informed before, during, and after a heavy weather event is critical. Brevard County has many different methods available for staying informed; however, no one method is fail-safe. For the most up-to-date hurricane information, follow:

• ​ ​

Removal of Vessels from Port Canaveral Marinas and Waterways

Port Canaveral is not a suitable refuge for either hurricanes or tropical storms.  All Port Canaveral tenants and waterway users must comply with storm preparation directives and evacuation orders given by the Canaveral Port Authority (“CPA”), the U.S. Coast Guard, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Canaveral Fire Rescue.  CPA strongly encourages all Port users including vessel owners and marina slip tenants to prepare early for heavy weather events including having a plan to remove their vessels from the Port’s waterways and marinas when required by law or evacuation order to do so.
Vessels greater than 500 gross tons must request and receive permission from the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville to remain in Port during a hurricane or tropical storm.  
Vessels under 500 gross tons are prohibited from remaining in the waters of the Port including in the waterways of marinas upon the issuance of a hurricane watch. Vessel owners must promptly remove such vessels from waters of the Port upon the issuance of an evacuation order by CPA.  
Vessel owners and operators are subject to fines and penalties for failure to comply in accordance with CPA’s Tariff No. 16, Rule 520 “Inclement Weather” and Section 327.59, Florida Statutes. The CPA assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to persons, property, cargo, materials or equipment resulting from hurricanes, tropical storms or other severe weather events.
Section 327.59 (5), Florida Statutes (House Bill 223), the Marina Evacuation Bill was signed into law on June 16, 2021. 

The Marina Evacuation Bill: 

​• ​ ​ Prohibits vessels under 500 gross tons from remaining in the waters of a marina upon the issuance of a hurricane watch 

• ​ ​ Requires vessel owners to promptly remove their vessels from the waters of a marina upon issuance of an evacuation order by CPA

• ​ ​ Requires the marina owner, operator, employee or agent, if reasonable, to remove or cause to be removed such vessel, once Port Condition Yankee is set, if the vessel owner has failed to do so  In the event a vessel is not removed as required by law, the vessel owner or operator may then be charged a reasonable removal fee by the marina, in addition to being subject to a fine from the CPA in an amount not exceeding three times the cost associated with removing the vessel from the Port’s waterways.