A Commitment to Natural Resources in Harmony with Economic Growth

Ports, by their very nature, tend to occupy fragile environments. Our most important task as Port guardians is to protect this environment. In peak condition, our land and waters can support the well-being and interests of groups as diverse as the cruise and cargo industries, the coastal residential community, and Florida’s special animal and plant populations. It is a workplace, a home and a key element in our planet’s system of self-renewal.
It is our job to maintain, and when necessary restore, the critical balance of physical conditions that allows Port Canaveral to fulfill its many functions. For an environmentally sensitive area as large and active as Port Canaveral, this requires commitment on a daily basis. The Canaveral Port Authority has a number of environmental initiatives driven by this commitment.

Marine Life, A Childrens Activity Book

This activity book introduces you to the fascinating marine life in and around Port Canaveral. A healthy harbor is vital to support the diverse marine communities. Please do your part to recycle or dispose of trash and unused fishing line. Pick up some extra for good measure!  We hope you enjoy your visit!! 


To complete your activity book from your PC/MAC simply follow the instructions below:​​

    1). Download Marine Life, A Children's Activity Book PNG
    2). In the new window, "right-click" the image and save image as "Activity Book".
    3). Open the PNG file labeled "Activity Book" in Paint (PC) or Paintbrush (MAC)
    4). Enjoy!