Canaveral Port Authority fosters a positive atmosphere; a culture of integrity; and ethical decision-making. Ethicspoint provides a system for individuals to report enterprise risk. Should you have a concern, please go to:
Occasionally, individuals may elect to remain anonymous when making a report about a concern.  In these cases, individuals may use EthicsPoint; a third party hotline service provider responsible for taking reports and maintaining the anonymity of the reporter if he/she chooses to remain anonymous. Complaints received through EthicsPoint are delivered to the Human Resources Director for investigation and action. EthicsPoint is not involved in the investigation of these reports after they are submitted into the Canaveral Port Authority’s system. The sole function of EthicsPoint is to take the report and pass the information to the Port for properly handling.
You may submit a report into the EthicsPoints system by Calling 855-284-6747, or by accessing the EthicsPoint site from the Canaveral Port Authority website by completing the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to and select “File a Report” in the top right corner.
  2. Search for your organization and Select it
  3. Complete the questionnaire presented.
  4. Document your Report Key and Password.
    1. You can view the status of the report and post any follow up messages/questions to your  Port/organization by returning to your Port's portal or by going to and, in either location, selecting "Follow Up"
  5. Please direct any additional questions regarding this report to the follow-up comments/questions section of your report.