Port Canaveral at "Condition Zulu" for Tropical Storm Isaias


The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) has set hurricane condition "ZULU" for Port Canaveral. Sustained gale force winds are predicted within 12 hours. Port Canaveral is closed and has ceased all waterside and vessel shoreside Port operations until further notice. Continue to monitor Port Canaveral and https://twitter.com/BrevardEOC and the Port Status Hotline at 321-394-3411 for updates.

 Jetty Park will open at 12 noon Monday, Aug. 3
Exploration Tower will open at 10am Monday, Aug. 3

Information from the Canaveral Lock

Canaveral Lock will operate 0600-2130 daily with last lockage beginning at 9pm.
Be advised that captains and boats seeking safe harbor shelter inland should take all measures to do so early before the storm.

Canaveral Lock will halt operations (as will the 401 bridge) when wind speeds reach 35mph sustained and/or when there is lightning within 5 miles of the lock and/or when Port Canaveral closes (Condition Zulu). You don't want to be caught unable to get through to inland safety.

Canaveral Lock will not immediately reopen after the storm - the waterways and port will have to be surveyed by USCG and officially opened by the Captain of the Port.

Canaveral Lock re-opening after the storm passes takes some time for staff to re-power, and unsecure facilities, buildings and machinery after the storm.

Please exercise all caution and safety ahead of the storm and upon return to the Port.
Any questions call the Lock office during operational hours.

Daniel "DJ" Hazebrook
Lockmaster, Canaveral Lock
1000 Mullet Drive
Port Canaveral, FL 32920