PORT CANAVERAL, FL—October 4, 2016 – With forecasts indicating severe weather conditions related to Hurricane Matthew, Port Canaveral CEO John Murray today issued an evacuation order for landside operations. The order affects Jetty Park campers, marinas, and all Port businesses and tenants. The deadline to evacuate is noon on Wednesday.
In addition to the land-side evacuation, the U.S. Coast Guard has given notice that the Canaveral harbor will close by tomorrow afternoon. Under the Captain of the Port order, no vessel traffic--including cruise and cargo ships, as well as recreational and commercial fishing boats --will be allowed in harbor until after the storm passes and the order is lifted.
“This is a serious storm and the protection of people and property is our primary concern,” said Port Canaveral CEO John Murray. “We expect high winds and storm surge throughout the port and have urged the Port community to prepare their facilities so business can resume as quickly as possible after the storm.”
Port Canaveral has not shut down operations due to severe weather since the 2004 storms when the harbor was closed for 11 days to ship traffic.
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