New Oil Tanker Calls Port Canaveral for First North American Stop


Hafnia Guangzhou sails from South Korea,
with more than half-million barrels of jet fuel

Port Canaveral, FL – Port Canaveral cargo operations notched another milestone as the brand-new chemical/oil products tanker Hafnia Guangzhou made its inaugural North American call last week, arriving at the Port’s North Cargo Pier 2 to discharge 375,000 barrels of jet fuel at the Seaport Canaveral, USA fuel storage terminal.
Hafnia Guangzhou¬†Oil Tanker ShipOnly seven weeks old, the 749-foot-long Hafnia Guangzhou made its maiden North American
port of call Thursday at Port Canaveral, carrying 500,208 barrels of jet fuel. The tanker
discharged 375,000 barrels and will deliver the remaining jet fuel to New York Harbor.
(Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

“The Hafnia Guangzhou’s arrival at Port Canaveral underscores the ever-increasing role our port has in supporting Central Florida’s economic growth,” Port CEO Captain John Murray stated. “Continuous investment in expanding our capability to handle increased cargo volumes – like jet fuel for international flights from Orlando International, now the busiest airport in Florida – is vitally important.”

Operated by Hafnia Management, the 749-foot-long, 125-foot-wide tanker vessel was launched in South Korea less than two months ago and arrived at Port Canaveral carrying 500,208 barrels of jet fuel. The tanker vessel departed the Port on Saturday to deliver the remaining jet fuel to a terminal at New York Harbor.

Hafnia Guangzhou Plaque Exchange
Hafnia Guangzhou Capt. Lech Snarski, second from right, receives ceremonial plaques from
Port Canaveral and Seaport Canaveral representatives on the oil tanker’s bridge on Thursday,
Sept. 12. From left are Jose Machado, Commercial Manager with Seaport Canaveral,
Samuel Feliciano, Cargo Business Development Specialist with Port Canaveral, and George Arocha,
Director/General Manager – Cargo & Container Operations with Port Canaveral                      
 (Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

In keeping with Port tradition, representatives from Port Canaveral and Seaport Canaveral Corp. presented Hafnia Guangzhou Capt. Lech Snarski with a plaque marking the tanker’s first visit to the Port. Seaport Canaveral is a state-of-the-art storage and terminal services facility at the Port, with 24 tanks capable of storing 3 million barrels of refined petroleum products. 

Port Canaveral recently completed a $2.5 million dock rehabilitation project at North Cargo Piers 1 and 2 which included deck replacement, deck topping repairs and replacement of marine fenders. The eight-month project coincided with Seaport Canaveral’s $2 million investment to expand the terminal’s truck racking system where fuel is loaded onto trucks in as little as 17 minutes for distribution throughout Central Florida.