Brevard Sheriff Takes Law Enforcement Reins on October 1

PORT CANAVERAL, FL; September 17, 2014: – Starting October 1, the Brevard Sheriff Department becomes responsible for law enforcement and seaport security services at Port Canaveral as part of a $4.9 million annual contract. 

"We are confident that our community and partners will experience a seamless transition and can be assured that public safety remains a top priority as we continue to expand our operations," said Port Canaveral CEO John Walsh. 

"Our agency is excited to partner with the Canaveral Port Authority to ensure the safety and security of Port Canaveral while protecting it's visitors, tenants and citizens with the abilities, resources and professionalism of the Brevard County Sheriff's Office." stated Sheriff Wayne Ivey. 

Port Canaveral Commissioners voted in May to de-activate the Police Department and to enter into partnership with Brevard Sheriff’s Department, expressing concern over anticipated Port growth and security operations keeping pace. Contracting out law enforcement and security services is expected to save the Port Authority about $500,000 annually.