Boat Trailer Parking Work Nears Final Completion


Crews milling, paving, striping areas between cruise terminal and boat ramps target Feb. 15 finish date

Parking Lot Construction Vehicles for Trailer ParkingMilling, paving and striping work for boat trailing parking will continue this week near the Cruise Terminal 3 complex. All parking area work should be done by Feb. 15
(Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

Port Canaveral, FL – Construction to complete boat trailer parking areas near the Port’s new Cruise Terminal 3 complex is expected to be finished by mid-February. Public boat trailer parking has remained open during all phases of construction with no reduction in the number of boat trailer parking spaces.

Crews with Ivey’s Construction will mill old asphalt and pave and stripe sections of Jetty Park Road and adjacent areas just east of the terminal site to the Freddie Patrick Park boat ramps from Monday, Jan. 27, through Friday, Jan. 31. The final permanent striping work should be done by Feb. 15.

The boat ramp overflow parking lot is paved and open for parking. Flagmen will direct traffic while milling operations are being performed, and barrels will separate traffic from milling work areas (see maps below).

Boat Parking Milling Plan MapBoat Parking Paving Plan Map

Important Information about the Boat Ramps at Port Canaveral
  • Boat Ramps are open 24/7, 365-days a year and do not close.  Boaters - whether parking at the ramps or not - can access the ramps to drop their boat and tackle.
  • Boat ramp parking spaces have not changed - the configuration of parking has. See maps above for more information.
  • Boat ramp parking has always been free and available on a first come, first serve basis - when it's full, it's full and boaters will need to seek parking elsewhere.