American Cruise-Aid Logistics Expands Operations at Port Canaveral Foreign Trade Zone #136


Warehouse expansion adds 9,500 square feet
of merchandise storage space

ACAL New Interior Warehouse Space
Interior view of American Cruise-Aid Logistics new warehouse located at Port Canaveral
 (Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

Port Canaveral, FL  Port Canaveral Foreign Trade Zone #136 operator American Cruise-Aid Logistics, Inc. has increased its operating footprint at the Port with the opening of a new 9,500-square-foot warehouse building located adjacent to its current 15,000-square-foot facility on Atlantis Road in Cape Canaveral. The full-service freight forwarding and transportation company recently received approval for its expansion from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners.

“American Cruise-Aid Logistics is an integral part of Port Canaveral and has been a successful operator in the Port’s FTZ for over 15 years,” Port CEO and Director Capt. John Murray said. “We are proud of their success and congratulate them on this expansion achievement to build on their business now and into the future.” 

American Cruise-Aid Logistics is an international and domestic freight forwarder that handles logistics, supply chain management and special projects for its customers, particularly many of the world’s largest cruise lines, their suppliers and contractors, as well as other large import/export clients.

Jay Hood, Director of Business Development with American Cruise-Aid Logistics, said the additional space will enable the company to store more general cargo imported from overseas, until the cargo is entered into U.S. Commerce or re-exported.   

“This year was set to be one of the biggest years in the cruise industry until the pandemic,” Mr. Hood said. “We are optimistic we will get through this. We are onboard and believe that our industry is going to bounce back stronger than ever.”

Established in 1987, Port Canaveral’s Foreign Trade Zone #136 offers advantages to businesses dealing in international trade, such as free-trade cost discounts, duty-free storage and jet fuel for international flights. The foreign trade zone concept was developed to encourage international trade by American companies and to preserve American jobs. 

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