Charter Review Committee (CRC) meeting agendas and recorded meetings can be found here


Port Charter Review Committee

The Charter Review Committee (“CRC”) consists of 10 members appointed by the Port Commissioners (2 each) who are charged with reviewing and recommending changes to the Port Charter.  

Click here to review the current Port Charter.  


The 2023 CRC members are: 
  • District 1 (Allender): Robi Roberts, Ilene Davis
  • District 2 (Loyd): Stan Retz, William Chivers
  • District 3 (VanVolkenburgh): Robyn Hattaway, Andy Barber
  • District 4 (Markey):  Marcus Herman, Jeff McLean
  • District 5 (Justice): Bob Baugher, J. Cole Oliver
CRC meetings are noticed and open to the public, with opportunity for public comment.

Special notice regarding the CRC can be found here

Rules of Procedure of the Port Charter Review Committee (as adopted on February 8, 2023) click here