Marlin Street Reconstruction

Description: The existing condition of the asphalt and subgrade of Marlin Street is currently in a state of disrepair.  There are some areas without proper drainage which leads to frequent standing water and localized flooding. The localized flooding will be detrimental to the passing of new vehicles from vehicle staging areas on the east and west side of Marlin Street. The proposed improvements to Marlin Street include a new storm drain system, new heavy-duty asphalt pavement and subgrade and a new lighting system along the street which will provide visibility during any operations in the area and for security.
Designer: Construction Engineering Group (CEG)
Contractor/CM:  Rush Construction Inc.
Project Costs: $1,927,780.80
Completion     Date: February 2017 (Final Completion)
Status:  The Contractor is installing the well points for the dewatering system in
order to be able to start excavation for the storm sewer installation in front of George
King Blvd. The required coordination with the tenants has been performed for the alternate access during the construction to allow normal operations.