Building Department 

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Featured Projects

North Cargo Berth 8:


Description: This project consists of three phases; bulkhead construction, pier extension, and upland paving. 
Designer:  Atkins/Jacobs
Contractor:  Orion Marine
Project Costs: $17,924,803.87
Completion Date: Summer 2019
Status:  Orion Marine has completed demolition activities and is currently working on benching the project site. Concrete piles are schedule for delivery the week of the 16th and pile driving activities will start shortly thereafter. NCB8 pier extension and upland improvements design services have been approved and design is underway.

Port Wide Wayfinding and Signage Project:

Description: This project is the design, permitting, fabrication and installation of vehicular directional signs and gateway signs to be located throughout Port Canaveral, on SR 528 and A1A.
Designer: BEA
Contractor:                Ivey’s Construction Co.  
Project Costs: $7,981,978.28
Completion Date: Spring 2019
Status:  NTP has been issued to Ivey’s Construction for the completion of the design package. CPA has received the 90% design package for the FDOT signs and is currently under review. Design team is working on submission of internal signage package. Design anticipated to be complete late May.

Contact Information

Bill Crowe, P.E.
Sr. Director - Engineering, Construction & Facilities
Tel: 321-783-7831 ext. 208
William J. Hammond Bob Musser Jr.
Chief Building Official Director - Port Environmental
Tel: 321-783-7831 ext. 299 Tel: 321-783-7831 ext.256