Waiver of Permitting Requirement for Emergency Repairs 

In accordance with the Governor’s,  EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 17-235, effective immediately and until further notice, the Canaveral Port Authority Building Department has waived the requirement of permit issue for emergency repairs for Port Authority and Tenant owned facilities and structures.  An emergency repair is any repair needed to; prevent immediate or further damage from water intrusion, restore normal electrical power, potable water, sanitary service, remove any or all portions of any structure that has collapsed, partially collapsed, or lacks the necessary support of the ground, or any situation that constitutes a fire or life safety hazard.  Any questions regarding what may or may not constitute an emergency repair shall be directed to the Canaveral Building Department Chief Building Official, William Hammond, whammond@portcanaveral.com.

Please remember, all owners must ensure they are dealing only with licensed contractors, as certified or registered in accordance with Florida Statute 489.  Any contract with an unlicensed contractor is unenforceable.


Contact Information

Bill Crowe, P.E.
Sr. Director - Engineering, Construction & Facilities
Tel: 321-783-7831 ext. 208
William J. Hammond Bob Musser Jr.
Chief Building Official Director - Port Environmental
Tel: 321-783-7831 ext. 299 Tel: 321-783-7831 ext.256
whammond@portcanaveral.com bmusser@portcanaveral.com

Featured Projects

State Road 401 Overpass Bridge Repair Project

Description: This project is the repair and repainting of the north side State Road 401 Overpass Bridge.
Designer: RS&H
Contractor/CM:  W&J Construction
Project Costs: $906,803
Completion     Date: May 2017
Status:  Project is complete. All steel structure has been sand blasted, primed and repainted. All concrete structure has been repaired and repainted.

Port Wide Wayfinding and Signage Project

Description: This project is the design, permitting, fabrication and installations of vehicular directional signs and gateway signs to be located throughout Port Canaveral, on SR 528 and A1A.
Design Build
Ivey's Construction
Design Team:  BEA, TLC Engineering, Premier Engineering, and Allen Engineering
Project Cost: TBD
Completion     Date: TBD
Status:  Pre-construction design services are underway with 60% design completed. Ivey’s Construction design build team is working diligently with staff on scope definition and value engineering option.