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Persons seeking access into restricted areas of Port Canaveral must be sponsored by a Port tenant or the Canaveral Port Authority. Credentials are issued through the Canaveral Port Authority’s Badging Office.  Below are the general guidelines for obtaining a Business Purpose Badge or Visitor ‘s Pass:  

Office Hours:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.  Closed weekends and holidays.  Applicants will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Office Location:  Public Safety Building, 9012 Pompano Street, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Phone:  321-783-7831 x472; Fax 321-868-2514; e-mail:

Application Enrollment Procedures (Badge Credential Application)

  1. Applicant to complete a Canaveral Badge Application (sections I-III).  Go to and then click on the link in the left margin entitled “Security/Badging.”  This will take you to the application link.
  2. Have the tenant sponsor sign and complete the “Sponsor” section (section IV) of the application.
  3. Register for and complete the required online or classroom training course. 
  4. Bring the original application to the Badging office.  Payment of the applicable fee is required at that time.  (See the Fee and Payment sections below for details).
  5. The badge will be issued upon receipt of a complete application, payment of appropriate fees, and copy of the training transcript or certificate for the required training class (refer to the Training Section below for details). 

Badge Fees For A Port Canaveral Business Purpose Badge

  • TWIC card holders:  None
  • Non-TWIC holders:  $25.00 
  • Lost/Transfer:          $25.00

Payment Methods

Fees may be paid by a Visa or MasterCard, cashier's check, or money order.  Checks and money orders are to be made payable to the Canaveral Port Authority.

Visitor/Contractor Badges

Cargo Areas: 

Requests for a Visitor/Contractor Badge for business purpose entry into a Cargo area requires tenant submission of a Pre-Authorization Form.  Individuals approved for visitor/contractor access on the Pre-Authorization may then pick-up the badge at the designated Cargo Gate. 

Cruise Terminals:  Active cruise terminal access is controlled by the security contractor on-site, and access requests must go through the appropriate security agency. 

TWIC Badges

Individuals who need unescorted access, and those who require frequent access to the secure areas of the Port in the course of their employment must obtain a TWIC badge. 

Individuals who need unescorted access, and those who require frequent access to the secure areas of the Port in the course of their employment must obtain a TWIC badge. 
All new TWIC badge applicants must be processed in person at the TWIC office.  New TWIC badges may also be processed by walk in, however appointments are highly recommended to avoid the possibility of excessive wait times.  To make an appointment for a new TWIC badge please contact Universal Enrollment Call Center at (855) 347-8371.   

To request a 3-yr extension of a current TWIC badge, applicants may call the Universal Enrollment Call Center at (855) 347-8371, or complete a badge extension application online at  Applicants will be notified by either email or phone when their badge is available for pickup from the TWIC office. 

Please make sure you have all your required enrollment documents when coming to the TWIC office.  A complete listing of all required documents as well as additional information on the TWIC badge may be found at


Merchant Mariners Credentials

Merchant Mariners Credentials are not issued through the Canaveral Badging Office.  To apply for your merchant mariners credential click on the following link to the USCG National Mariners Center at

Other Florida Deep Water Port Badge Holders (Comp Badges)

Comp Badges will no longer be issued.  Individuals possessing an access badge from another Florida Port and have a business purpose must obtain either a Port Badge, or Visitor Badge sponsored by the Tenant.  To obtain this badge refer to the above application enrollment and payment sections.

Contractors Badges (Visitor/Contractor Badge Application)

Contractors working on the Port who may exceed visitor access in excess of 5 times in a ninety day period will be issued a contractor badge.  All applicable TWIC escort rules apply.  Request should be submitted to the Badging office at


The following links are provided to assist you in getting information on Badging, Hurricane Preparedness, and forms most commonly requested.

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Badging Office Hours

Badging Application Procedures

Badging Application Fees

Badging Security Training

Visitor Badges

2012 Hurricane Guide

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