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Port Canaveral's Finest
We are proud to be the first port in Florida with its own Police Department. As ports like ours grow, security challenges become more complex. At the same time, with a large population of cruise-goers and recreational users in addition to our business tenants, it's important to implement the necessary security measures in a way that preserves our easy-going atmosphere of relaxation and fun.

With a new era of growth on the horizon, the Port Authority took the pro-active step of establishing our own specially trained police department to help ensure that our port is both safe and user friendly for everyone who works and visits here.

The Port Canaveral Police Department includes unsworn officers - previously our public safety officers - plus a new force of sworn officers, working together as a team under the direction of Chief Joseph Hellebrand, Port Canaveral's very first Chief of Police.



The Canaveral Port Authority is the governing body of Port Canaveral, which is a thriving commercial enterprise supported entirely by revenue generated within the Port. Port Canaveral is among the busiest cruise ports in the world and Central Florida's outlet to the sea. The focus and mission of Port Canaveral Police Department is the security and safety of our businesses and visitors to the Port.

At Port Canaveral and other maritime environments, oversight is the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard. Their authority is derived from the Maritime Security and Transportation Act (MTSA), which Congress passed in 2002 to standardize security at seaports throughout the nation. Additionally, Florida seaports are required to meet specific security standards outlined in state law. To ensure we meet those standards, a team of seaport security inspectors from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement inspect Port Canaveral twice a year. Their findings are reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the State Legislature, the Governor's Office, Port Commissioners and the Chief Executive Officer.

Because of the special character of Port Canaveral, we are proud to be ambassadors as well as law-enforcers. While police officers in traditional departments often patrol residential streets, investigate burglaries, and other duties in the prevention of crime and the preservation of peace, our role at Port Canaveral is a little different. There are no residential streets to patrol. Our customers are the businesses within the Port and the millions of visitors to our cruise and cargo terminals, parks, campground, businesses, restaurants and beach every year.

On behalf of the men and women of the Port Canaveral Police Department, thank you for taking the time to visit our web page and we hope to see you here at the Port enjoying some of the many amenities we offer or departing on a cruise vacation.

- Joe Hellebrand
  Police Chief

In October 2008, the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved creating the first seaport police department in Florida. The first employee, Chief Joe Hellebrand was hired on March 2, 2009 to establish the Port Canaveral Police Department. Currently, the department employs 27 sworn Police Officers, 8 non-sworn Public Safety Officers, and 9 Police Dispatchers assigned to the Communications Center. Support personnel include a Facility Security Officer, 6 Harbormasters, a Security Manager, Communications Manager, 4 Badging Officers, 17 part-time Security Officers and two Administrative Assistants. An additional 11 Police Officers and a Property/Records Clerk will be hired during the next year for a total of 86 employees.

Where You'll See Us in the Port
As a brand new Department, we're still staffing up and expanding into our full role at the Port. Currently, we have officers on duty in all of our beautiful cruise terminals and staffing the patrol boats that monitor the security of our harbor waters and waterfront properties. We will take over the vehicular patrols of the port in October of 2011. Meanwhile, you will see the Brevard County Sheriff's Office providing that service.

It Takes a Team
Even when we are staffed fully, maintaining the security and safety of one of our country's prime gateways is a complex task that requires the cooperation of a number of law enforcement agencies. The following agencies are our partners in enforcing the law and protecting the people, property and natural resources within our Port borders:

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

United States Coast Guard

United States Customs and Border Patrol

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Florida Highway Patrol

If You Need Access to Secured Areas of the Port...
To enter secured areas of the Port, you will need a national Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) badge. To enter these areas without an escort (if you work regularly or repeatedly at the Port), you will need a Port Canaveral badge in addition to your TWIC badge. Attaining a Port badge requires sponsorship by an employer or contractor, an application and completion of an online security class. More information is available on the Badging Office page of this website.

If You'd Like to Join Us...
If you're currently a law enforcement officer and you're interested in being a part of the Port Canaveral Police Department, click here for information. We are looking for officers with prior police experience who have upheld the highest standards of professionalism and performance in their work.

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