Cargo Facilities

Cargo operations are a priority for Port Canaveral, serving a region with an economy that continues to diversify and a population growing at a rate three times the national average.   We continue to enhance and expand our facilities to leverage our location near Central Florida’s bustling I-4 corridor and the abundance of distribution and manufacturing shippers in short reach of our terminals. 

Our dedicated cargo area is transforming, with more than $600 million in  capital investment over the next five years.  This includes several cargo projects:

  • Port Canaveral Container Terminal
  • On-Dock Rail Connectivity
  • Harbor Widening and Deepening

We’re improving and extending Port Canaveral cargo capabilities with a focus on maximizing our assets to build and expand your ability to lower your costs and capture new business opportunities.  Let us know how Port Canaveral can help you.  Contact our Business Development representatives at +001 (321) 783-7831, ext. 253 or


10 cargo berths from 121.92 – 304.8 meters (400 – 1000 feet) in length along the north and south piers provide depths ranging -10.6 -12.1 meters (-35 – 40 feet). All areas are protected with security fences, extensive lighting, surveillance cameras and 24/7 guards. Berths are accessible 24 hours, Monday through Sunday.
Berths may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis pursuant to the prevailing tariff by licensed steamship agents.  Please contact the Port Canaveral Harbormaster’s office for additional details +001 (321) 783-7831, ext. 280.



Two new deep-water container and multi-purpose cargo berths make Port Canaveral the most economical and convenient ocean gateway for containerized cargo in Florida. The additional 1,800 feet of new berthing spaces are each equipped with two ship-to-shore cranes able to handle 40.6 metric tons and move 30-40 containers per hour. 

 Container berths are supported by 40-acres of terminal space currently under development with planned state-of-the-art security and gate systems, video monitoring, RTGs, reachstackers and 100+ reefer plugs. 



Breakbulk1.jpgPort Canaveral offers highly competent and experienced union and non-union stevedores, state-of-the-art handling equipment including a 40 metric ton Mobile Harbor Crane, and more than 355,000 square feet of enclosed, dry and secure dockside warehouses to load, unload and store a variety of breakbulk cargo.
Almost 95 acres of secure, well-lighted open-air storage is available, most less than 100 feet from dock to point of rest. Cold storage is available at our 220,000 square foot dockside cold/chill/freezer space, the largest cold storage facility on the East Coast.
Each cargo receives the attention of experts who customize their approach to handling the varied goods, which historically include steel, boats, frozen juice concentrate, lumber, wood pulp, newsprint, perishables, automobiles, heavy equipment and project cargoes.



Roll-on/Roll-off specialized shipping facilities are located at North Cargo Pier 1, which includes a 72 ft. wide x 150 ft. long RO/RO ramp. Additionally, all general cargo berths are available for RO/RO vessels.   Almost 95 acres of secure, well-lighted open-air storage is available, most less than 100 feet from dock to point of rest.  Adjacent to Orlando, the largest auto rental market in the world and home to several automobile and heavy equipment auctions, Port Canaveral is ideal for importing and exporting new and used RO/RO cargoes.



With unique local aerospace programs, a diverse manufacturing community and a growing regional population, project cargoes through Port Canaveral include everything from specialized industrial machinery to aerospace components to massive defense-related items.   Two shore cranes, in addition to a 40 metric-ton capacity mobile harbor crane are available for project cargo. Our expert team handles large to small, high-value specialized items including power plant transformers, space vehicles and payloads, floating docks, yachts, generators, communication buoys and wind turbines. 



Loading-Bay.jpgNearly four million tons of dry and liquid bulk cargo are handled annually at Port Canaveral, including petroleum, aggregates, cement, salt, sand, scrap metals and slag. Facilities feature a 2800 ft aggregate conveyer system with a discharge rate of 2,200 tons per hour. Special storage facilities are available for cement, slag and petroleum; including two petroleum tank farms totaling 5 million barrels in capacity.