Bid Results

Click the links below to view PDF files recording bids received and contracts awarded.


PUR-ITB-14-10 Crane Spreaders

PUR-RFP-14-8 Removal of Invasive Vegetation, Litter & Debris

PUR-RFP-14-6 Communications Related Services Including Advertising and Marketing, Public Relations, Copywriting, Publications, Graphic Design, Photography and Videography

PUR-ITB-14-7 Revised Crane Electrical Refurbishment

PUR-RFQ-14-4 Emergency Response Services for Continuing Contract

PUR-RFP-14-9 Design/Build Auto Terminal No. 1

PUR-RFP-14-5 Code Enforcement Special Magistrate Services 

PUR-ITB-14-8 Tug Berth Expansion/NCP3 Mooring Improvements 

PUR-ITB-14-9 Marine Terminal at NCB6

PUR-ITB-14-6 Festoon & Trolley Rail Replacement - Bid Cancelled 

PUR-RFP-14-3 Bait & Tackle Shop Operator 

PUR-RFP-13-8 Professional Catering Services - Solicitation Cancelled

PUR-RFQ-13-4 Master Developer for Selected Commercial Properties Within the Cove Area at Port Canaveral



PUR-ITB-14-7 Crane Electrical Refurbishment Notice - Solicitation Cancelled with no Award

PUR-ITB-14-4 NICE Video Equipment & Software

PUR-ITB-14-3 Northside Stormwater System & Minor Paving

PUR-RFQ-14-3 General Engineering Services for Continuing Contract

PUR-RFQ-14-2 Professional Traffic Engineering Services for Continuing Contract

PUR-RFQ-14-1 Biological & Ecological Services for Continuing Contract

PUR-RFP-14-2 Professional Custodial Services

PUR-RFP-14-1 Insurance Consulting & Brokerage Services: All Lines of Property & Casualty Coverage

PUR-ITB-14-2 NCB 5 Upland Improvements

PUR-ITB-14-1 Cruise Terminal 1 Berth


PUR-ITB-13-5 Canaveral Harbor 44 Foot Channel Project, Package 2: Dredging Works 

PUR-ITB-13-6 North Cargo Berth 6 Crane Rail System

PUR-ITB-13-2 Microwave Communication Equipment 

PUR-RFQ-13-5 Cruise Terminal 1 Waterside Engineering 

PUR-RFP-13-7 Cruise Terminal 1 Design/Build Passenger Boarding Bridges 

PUR-RFP-13-6 Cruise Terminal 1 Design/Build Parking Garage and Sitework 

PUR-RFP-13-5 Cruise Terminal 1 Design/Build Terminal Building and Sitework 

PUR-ITB-13-4 Canaveral Harbor 44 Foot Channel Project - Package 1: Upland & Minor Marine Works

PUR-ITB-13-3 STS Cranes Transport 

PUR-RFQ-13-3 Venue Management Service

PUR-ITB-13-1 405 Atlantis Road Fire Sprinklers

PUR-RFQ-13-2 Planning and Economic Feasibility Consultants for Continuing Service Contract

PUR-RFP-13-3 Freddie Patrick Park Boat Ramp Repairs (Design/Build)

PUR-RFP-13-2 Welcome Center Exhibits

PUR-RFQ-13-1 Roofing Consultant Services for Continuing Contract 

PUR-RFP-13-1 Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)

PUR-RFP-12-7 Commercial Real Estate Broker Services for Cruise Terminal 6 Garage Retail and North Side Cruise Terminal Area with Property Mangement Services

PUR-RFP-12-1/CN11-006 First Response Fire Station and Operations Center at Port Canaveral